Learn ways to unlock your voice
and sing with freedom.

Singing training is taken slowly as the singer is building muscle strength and developing muscle control. This needs time to embed in the brain and happens through a combination of

  • breath awareness & control—learning and feeling how the breathe affects the voice
  • body awareness & movement—learning and feeling how the body affects the voice
  • sound shaping—learning and feeling the sound through vocal play: listening, making sound; using the voice to imitate sound—high, low, long, short, loud, soft and all the in-between

along with

  • listening to & singing songs—building confidence in performance

I teach via imitation & imagery, to get the individual singer to achieve the best possible sound. Each voice is different and needs to be approached differently by both the student and tutor. I seek to provide a safe place for the singer to experiment, develop new sounds, make mistakes and build confidence in their expression.

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