Piano lessons in the Maitland area with Stevi Cannon

Learn skills to play,
and express yourself with confidence.

As your teacher/coach Stevi will equip you with the basic keyboard skills, music knowledge, hints and tips so that you can play your favourite songs, play with others or compose and play for your own expression and enjoyment.

  • first steps in playing the keyboard/piano
  • tips on playing the keys—posture and breathing; motivation and choice of material; keyboard notes and patterns; scales, intervals, triads, root notes, inversions
  • playing songs—how songs are built and music theory; easy playing chords and chord progressions; the importance of tempo, rhythm and accent; styling/genre techniques and using the internet resources
  • playing for pleasure—creating your own music and simple improvisation

along with

  • hand shape, finger awareness and technique

Stevi has played and loved the piano since she was 9 year old. She has a special interest in teaching beginners (of all ages) and instilling a life-long love of music.

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